Clean 9 (C9) – 9 Day Aloe Cleansing Program

Clean 9 (or C9) is a 9 Day Cleansing Program and at the same time weight loss using natural based products. Everyone has fantastic results in terms how they feel after nine days – feeling lighter and having more energy – quite unusual comparing to many other cleansing programs. Furthermore, most people lose between 8-12 pounds during these 9 days.

C9 It is a set of products by Forever Living Products (FLP) carefully selected and prepared such that in 9 days helps you lose weight naturally. Not only that it helps you lose weight but at the same time it cleanses your system in a very unique way because main cleansing agent  is aloe vera gel (stabilized aloe vera juice).

Clean 9 contains: 3 liters of Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Lite (Protein Shake, a.k.a meal reaplacement), Forever Garcinia Plus, Forever Fiber, Forever Therm and a Measuring Tape. With this, you are heading in right direction not only to lose some weight, but introduction of great nutrition. Get on the program, follow the instructions and you might just be surprised how well it works. If you chose this to be your New Year’s Resolution, be it, if you want to give this for the Christmas – very smart or perhaps you just want to have your inner spring/fall cleanse. Clean nine is offered in Vanilla and Chocolate flavour.

Clean 9 Cleanse Forever Living
Clean 9 Cleanse Forever Living Details (as on flyer / postcard)


Watch following video to better understand what is clean 9 and how it works:

How To Order Clean 9 and How Much Does it Cost?
Ordering C9 online it is about $170 CAD with taxes (about $110 USD), which you can do below, or you may get in touch with me and save on shipping or I might have some other discounts going on. If  you have any further questions please don’t be shy to call me and ask about Clean 9 program. Please note that in either case I believe so much in Clean 9 that I offer 100% money back guarantee if for any reason this program is not completely to your satisfaction. So, nothing to lose!



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