Lavender Essential Oil by Forever Living

Forever Living has just recently launched new line of products – essential oils – these are 100% pure essential oils from different herbs and plants from around the globe. My favorite essential oil is from lavender. I had about 10 lavender bushes in front of my house and have always loved relaxing smell and when I was informed that Forever¬† now carries lavender essential oil I was and still am very excited. Check out this video that explains a bit more about how and where forever gets essential oils from…:

We use lavender oil for few things – as a refreshing smell in the house using essential oil diffuser, natural re-freshener for our car, and when diluted it can be used topically for bruises and other skin irritation. I started to learn more and the more I learn the more I am impressed. Check out this seven benefits of lavender essential oils:

Seven Benefits of Essential Oils
Seven Benefits of Essential Oils

I encourage you to learn more and to try it and see how great it smells and how good it is. To order simply follow the link bellow.


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